Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's been a busy week for Kyle! On Tuesday, he had his first trip outside the Rehab center and his medical team let him pick the location...he chose Red Lobster! Kyle had a great time and did really well! The trip is to help him begin to adjust to life outside the center and in a wheelchair. Kyle was remarkably poised and calm, even when there were issues with furniture permanently placed in the way of getting to the table. It's incredible how many businesses set up their locations and they are not easily accessible via a wheelchair. Makes you think!

Team meeting was held yesterday and Kyle continues to make good progress with his rehab. He is meeting some of his goals, able to set new goals and continues to work hard on goals a little harder to reach.

Kyle will have another evaluation on his neck next week to determine whether or not he has to have more surgery. Keep your fingers crossed that all has healed well and he'll be cleared on the orthopedic side.

He wants to thank everyone that has donated items for the Benefit this weekend at the University Cafe in Fredericksburg. There is over 50 items for raffle and over 20 items for silent auctions! Businesses, friends and family have been SOOO supportive of this effort. There are raffle items from restaurant, retail stores, nail salons, massages, car washes and MUCH More including the big prize - $250 gift card from Wegmans! We love Wegmans!! Silent auction items range from a brand new recliner, health club memberships, hand made wicker baskets full of goodies, electric guitars, and much more! We have even been given a week at a beautiful oceanfront condo in Ocean City!!

We hope to see you on Saturday for an evening of fun and friendship!

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  1. Hello Kyle, it's Suzie Anker, I worked for your dad and Bette Ann at Snappy Auctions, I'm sure you remember me, as I remember you! I live in Boston now and my mother called me last week to tell me the news. I am sorry that this happened to you. So sorry. However it sounds like you are making unbelievable progress and you are remaining positive. You are surely someone I look up to! Your strength is admirable and I am amazed at you! Please tell Bette Ann, Gary and Carl that I said hello and that I am praying for you and your family!