Monday, October 5, 2009

What amazing progress! Kyle is doing outstanding with his activities of daily living and is smiling, laughing and eating again! He continues to impress his medical team with his determination and perseverance and wants to accomplish just about every task on his own. He has the desire to work hard to achieve his daily goals - helping to get dressed, working on transferring from the bed to the wheelchair, being able to sit in his chair for hours at a time text messaging friends and watching t.v. It's truly like life before the accident, only he's sitting in a wheelchair! He has a great outlook now and wants to work hard to come home and spend time in his "man cave" and is now looking forward to getting back to work at Wegman's and getting enrolled in some online classes!

We are still waiting to here when Kyle will be going to the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center in Fisherville, VA. This facility will help him polish his skills and prepare him to go back to work and get ready for more school.

The Freelance Star Newspaper, based in Fredericksburg, is writing a feature story about Kyle and his accident and his rehab. They were at the KCRC most of the morning Saturday, speaking with Kyle about his progress. He spoke with such clarity and had so many positive impressions about his recovery and his future. Kyle told me yesterday that he wants to be able to help people in his situation in the future and help them through the initial rehab in hopes that they can see what hard work can lead to. It's very refreshing to hear a 19-year old speak like that. He said he doesn't want anyone to have to go through what he's gone through and has promised to do what he can to make teenagers aware of the dangers of falling asleep behind the was truly moving to hear him speak like that so early in this stage of his rehab.

He is trying hard to contact everyone that has left him messages on his blog page and CaringBridge page to thank them for the words of encouragement and support. All he could say was "wow..they left me a note" and "these comments are so encouraging"...he has read every single one of them!

Tomorrow, we will once again meet with his medical team to outline his goals and objectives for the remainder of his stay at the KCRC. He has jammed packed days of PT, OT, Rec Therapy, and school, so he'll be working hard for the next few weeks.

Thank you to everyone that has prayed, written, donated, and thought about Kyle for the last 2 months. He is using all that energy to work hard to get better and come home! Keep channeling that energy to's not going un-noticed!


  1. Keep up the good work buddy, i'm so proud of you. I think about you all the time and I check the site several times a day hoping to see news like this. look forward to visiting you at home when we get back down there.

  2. Thanks for posting new pictures, we love them!
    We're so happy to hear all the good news. Looking forward to reading the newspaper article when it comes out.
    We are also looking forward to Oct 17 event!Looks like a lot of preparation has been done!
    Kyle, you are amazing!!
    Uncle David, Aunt Audrey & Adele

  3. Great Job kyle. We knew you could do it. Your so strong. Your accident was on my wedding day and in this short time you have come so far. I saw you briefly the other day cuz I went to UVA and they found a brain tumor so now i have rehab once a week. If you need anything call me 540-672-4135 or email me

    Amelia Fitzpatrick-Horton