Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We continue to be able to report that there is nothing but good news on the Kyle front! He is talking, eating chicken nuggets and french fries, emailing friends, doing REMARKABLE in physical therapy, helping to dress's just amazing the progress he has made in the past few days.

He has been moved to a new room and is now in "rehab" status, no longer inpatient acute care. So, the clock ticks from this moment on and we start to see the light of him coming home soon! His medical team is in the process in the next 3 days of compiling all of Kyle's goals and the time frame to reach those goals. We will meet with them next week to review his progress and then determine the amount of time he will remain at KCRC. He will now be working in rehab for about 5-6 hours a day...very busy boy!! His lungs are clear, he's tolerating the food - in small quantities and somewhat bland items for now, no infections - his medical team is amazed at the difference and this really stems from having that tube inserted into his PEG feeding tube that allowed them to increase his nutrition formula every day and gives him the energy he's needed to progress further. He is gaining strength and is working hard on transfers from a wheelchair to the bed and a bench. Everyone is very proud of him and his determination to get work hard and get home!

Next step will be another rehab program in Fisherville, VA, where he will sharpen his ADL (activities of daily living) skills and enter into a Vocational Rehab program. They will work very closely with him to recapture the skills he needs to perform certain job duties and working in any sort of office/job atmosphere. We'll know more about that program soon. He will probably come home for a short period of time before he goes in to that program.

Keep those good thoughts and prayers for strength coming! They are working and he's getting stronger every day!

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  1. Wow! So glad to hear all the good news and so glad you keep us posted.
    Would love to see a new photo.
    Take care and see you soon!
    David Audrey & Adele