Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kyle continues to make pretty good progress! Had a little setback yesterday with an upset stomach during physical therapy, but he was actually able to drink a little ginger ale yesterday! He tolerated it well and he indicated it helped his stomach! They also placed the valve in his trache tube that allows him to breathe air in through the trache and them he has to breath out of him mouth, allowing air to cross over his vocal cords and he's able to speak! He tolerated the valve for about 5 minutes - they will progressively leave it in longer each day. His throat got a little sore and the breathing in was a tad bit uncomfortable, but that's to be expected. They will continue that routine each day, allowing him to get used to it more.

He continues his therapy routine each day, getting stronger and progressing in learning new ways of getting around and transferring. His Physical Therapist, Marc tells us he is a very instinctive person and seems to know the natural way of moving around from wheelchair to PT mat. Kyle is embracing his therapy in a positive way, which makes it more probably that Kyle will reach all the goals that will be set for him while in rehab!

We should know more soon about a timeline regarding his stay in the acute care setting and moving to a rehabilitation status. Also, his medical team will update us with a timeline to wean him off the vent!

More soon!

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  1. Good to hear Kyle is continuing to make progress with only minor setbacks.
    We’ll be back down as soon as we can.
    Thanks again for keeping us all updated.

    Audrey, David and Adele