Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just sitting here with Kyle who is having a really good day. Was on the PT mat this morning for over 1 hour and did great. He is on limited ventilator support, feeding amount has been increased to 20cc per hour and seems to be tolerating a little better. He's texting away this afternoon, watching the Food channel - his two favorite things.

They've decided to keep his halo on for 5 more weeks, the full 3 months. Better to be on safe side and not remove it. So he'll skip the CT scan next week and just continue with x-rays to make sure all is well. His feeding tube insertion went really well and this will allow the amount of nutrition to increase. Hopefully mid-week, respiratory will insert a valve in his trach to allow him talk. This will be huge for Kyle as he has been trying to communicate better for weeks.

He's looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow and starting his week again on Monday with PT, OT, Rec therapy and speech. He's going to be a busy boy!

He wanted us to thank everyone for the cards he's received. They are hanging on the wall reminding him every day of everyone that is thinking of him!

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