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Monday, August 10, 2009 7:01 PM

Monday, August 10, 2009 7:01 PM, EDT

One step forward, two steps back. We had a meeting with Kyle's head trauma doctor and learned today that his respiratory issues are more severe than we thought and he will have to be sent to a rehabilitation facilty on a ventilator. This is so upsetting as we really wanted Kyle to be vent-free and ready for rehab. But his injuries are not allowing him to breathe on his own and so he will have to include respiratory rehab in his immediate future.

Tomorrow morning, he will get the tracheostomy and feeding tube. From there, he won't be at Mary Washington too much longer as he will be sent somewhere-still trying to determine where-to begin his longer road to recovery. He worked very hard today, breathing over the ventilator, had physical therapy and occupational therapy, but by 3:00, that poor kid was exhausted and they had to change the vent settings to help him breathe more. Of course, it will be easier to help begin the rehab process while on a trach rather than a breathing tube down his throat, but this will lengthen his time away from home and family and friends, something we really tried not to do.

Kyle is alert at times, showing his frustration with the breathing tube and trying so hard to communicate with us.

After he gets the trach and feeding tube, there is really nothing the hospital can do to further his recovery. They will of course monitor him and treat his issues - still has pneumonia - but they cannot do much more than that.

More tomorrow.....

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