Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not a bad couple of days for Kyle! He appears to be handling his feedings really well - now up to 80cc's an hour!No nausea either. This will mean he will stronger more naturally and faster!
This afternoon, he had bout of very low blood pressure, but they were able to get it back to normal after about 2 hours and plenty of IV fluids. He's been complaining of nasty headache, so no PT today, just Occupational Therapy.

The C-diff appears to be on the way out - yeah!! - so we'll see when the isolation mode will be lifted. It appears to be about 2 weeks until they will have a more set plan for taking him off the vent..we'll follow closely.

Thanks everyone and we hope that those of you in the Northern VA area will be able to make the special evening of music and conversation at the University Cafe, Oct. 17th. Diane, Adam, Barb and Carol have arranged for DOZENS of raffle items and silent auction items, not to mention the wonderful music lined up! We can't wait to see all Kyle's friends and gather for a great evening. For those of you who can't make it, we will miss seeing you in person, but you will be there in spirit.

More later!!

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