Monday, September 28, 2009

KYLE IS OFF THE VENTILATOR!!! This is the best news we've received in 2 months! He is breathing well on his own and they will monitor him for nighttime breathing to make sure he doesn't need to be on a C-Pap machine (a setting that just forces some air into his lungs).

This new development will certainly help his rehabilitation plan and his outlook. Next, we just wait for that halo to be removed the first week of November which will make all the difference in the world.

They are starting a plan to begin feeding him solid food as well! Planning is under way for him to probably be switched over to the Rehabilitation side now that alot of his chronic conditions are being resolved. We'll know more tomorrow!

Thanks everyone for your prayers and notes of encouragement! They are really working!!!

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  1. This is the news we've been hoping and praying to hear! So glad Kyle is off the ventlator!!
    Hope to see you all as soon as Dave is able to travel. He is recovering nicely from the knee replacement surgery.
    Love, Dave Audrey & Adele