Friday, September 4, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009 9:13 PM

Monday, August 3, 2009 9:13 PM, EDT

SOOO many thanks to everyone who has written's overwhelmin
g to know Kyle has so many thoughts and prayers. They are all appreciated.

Kyle had an "okay" day......We all decided that we will forgo the second surgery and have Kyle fitted for a full Halo to help support his neck and begin a natural healing of his neck muscles. So they came in his room early to size him up.....that was at 10 am...the nursing staff then began the process of discontinuing his sedation medication.

We went to the hospital today with the hopes of getting him off the ventilator and get him breathing on his own and beginning a treatment plan. When they started to bring him out of sedation, in true Kyle form, the first thing he did was fight to get that breathing tube out of his mouth! We were warned that the medication would make him groggy and combative and he would probably struggle to move around and remove the breathing tube, so we took turns holding down his arms and trying to keep him calm. Those arms were flying around! We thought he was going to sit up and yank it out himself!

But before the doctor's will take him off the ventilator, Kyle has to prove he can breathe on his own. He was doing pretty well, but it was taking too long for his halo to get installed and we didn't want to risk any more injury to his neck. So they are keeping him on the ventilator overnight and until tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning, Kyle is having two minimal procedures done, and then we will be taking him off the ventilator and hopefully he will be alert enough to talk.

Right now, Kyle is unaware of his condition and we'll have his close family around tomorrow to explain to him what's happened and what we will need to do to get him home.

He will be at Mary Washington Hospital for at least another 10 days. We are currently looking for the best spinal cord rehabilitation hospital we can send him to begin his rehab.
He's had many of his wonderful friends and family visit him and while he hasn't been able to acknowledge them in person, we know he must realize they are in the room with him. We'll be sure and share all your notes with him and let him everyone is thinking of him.

Gary and I are overwhelmed with all the love and support our family and friends have given us. We can't thank everyone enough and please know, your kind words and thoughts are very much appreciated. We continue to ask for your prayers and thoughts and we know they are working...Kyle continues to look better every day!

We'll update everyone's going to be a tough day!

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