Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well it's been a pretty good couple of days. Kyle's procedure to have the tube placed inside his feeding tube went well and his medical team will slowly increase the amount of feedings in the next few days. He continues to be fever free but still in isolation due to the C-diff infection. We are hoping that will just run it's course and run away soon!

His respiratory team continues to slowly begin to wean him off the vent and we should know soon a better time frame of when they think that will become a reality.

So Kyle will continue his PT, OT and Speech therapy while his medical team continues to treat the other chronic physical issues. Still no time set for when he will enter the "rehab" status full time. While keeping him in the acute care status works to his advantage in getting him healthy, we can't help be sad that he won't be home sooner than later. But we all take this one day at a time and leave his health up to the professionals who are doing such a great job with him at UVA. They are truly wonderful and doing a great job with Kyle.

Thanks again for sending all the cards to Kyle. He loves getting mail and it brightens up his room and his mood. He is very appreciative of all your thoughts and inspiration.

More soon...

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  1. Hi Kyle :)

    This site seems a lot more user-friendly! :)

    An e-card was sent to you - hope you get it.

    Keep going positive :)

    And, which DAY is the concert? 4:00 which day?

    Take Care,

    Julie (Mrs. Ismael - Suleiman's & Amina's mom...)