Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009 10:27 AM

Thursday, August 6, 2009 10:27 AM, EDT

As of today, Kyle remains on the ventilator but off the sedation medication and just using pain meds. It appears that he now has pneumonia and a slight fever, so they are giving him antibiotics and Tylonel and it seems to be working well.

Right now, the doctors are trying to determine if his breathing issue is part of his injury. Even though he is on the ventilator, he appears to be working and breathing over the machine which is a great sign. However, he can't quite seem to take those really deep breathes he needs to in order to get his oxygen saturation level in his blood to where it needs to be. His injury is at C7 in his spine and the swelling of the spinal cord may be causing the muscle weakness in his diaphram. We hope that it's temporary and that's why it's taking so long to remove him from the ventilator.

His cuts and wounds are healing pretty well. They are still pulling glass out of the deep wound in his left arm. This morning, he was waving his arms in the air trying to get to the tube in his mouth, so his arm and finger movement is good! At some point he will need to have a procedure done where they will inject some dye into his spinal column to review the swelling...that will tell us alot. That's scheduled in the very near future, hopefully in a day or two.

The anticipation of getting him off the ventilator and being able to talk to him is brutal. He will probably remain in ICU for at least another week as they monitor him closely and get him on the mend. Thank you to all his friends and family with your prayers and support. All of Kyle's family thank you so very much.

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