Friday, September 11, 2009

Kyle asked that we post a couple of pictures of him in rehab so everyone can see the wonderful progress he is making. We'll add pictures as he continues to push forward!

The first two pictures is Kyle outside last Sunday in his wheelchair being visited by Sheena the therapy dog. Everyone knows Kyle loves animals and Sheena was certainly a hit! He got to feed her and visit with her and she'll be back to see him on Sundays!

The third picture is Kyle with his Occupational Therapist, Sue. She has been helping him with his activities of daily life and helps adapt some of the equipment he has like a laptop to use to communicate. He's now able to text on his cell phone and she works with him every day to help make daily living easier for him!
Doesn't he look great! He really likes being in the chair and going outside...nice change of pace for him. We'll post more soon!

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