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Wednesday, August 26, 2009 11:58 AM

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 11:58 AM, EDT

Sorry for the delay in postings. We've had a busy couple of days with ALOT going on.

Kyle's move to Kluge in Charlottesv
ille was very good. No problems with the transport and we were greeted by the outstanding staff. They were ready for him and got him settled fast and comfortably. That was Monday. His first day was primarily the staff getting to know him, talking to him about his stay and letting him know the process over the next few days. His schedule was set for Tuesday - Speech therapy at 9:00 am, PT at 9:30 am, school at 10:00 am, Occupational Therapy 10:30 to 11:30 and Recreational therapy from 11:30 to 12:00, then lunch and the schedule adjusted somewhat for the afternoon! He was ready to get started!

He slept Monday night soundly for the first time in weeks and Tuesday morning, felt very rested and ready for his busy day.

Physical therapy was very exciting as they lifted him out of the bed and into a wheelchair for the first time. He did great and really enjoyed sitting up for about 1 hour! His breathing even seemed to be easier in an upright position.

So after 3 hours of hard work, Kyle was pretty tired and they returned him back to the bed. The afternoon was not as planned though...

Kyle started feeling sick and was having some difficulty breathing. He seems to have aspirated some stomach acids and fluids into his lungs and his breathing went downhill from there. The wonderful Respiratory therapist that had been with him all day noticed his lips starting to turn a little blue and alerted the medical staff. That set the ball rolling to return Kyle to the ICU at the UVA main Medical Hospital. His oxygen level in his blood was dropping fast as well leading the medical team to believe that his lungs were filling up again...and they were right!

They transferred Kyle to the Pediatric ICU at the UVA Medical Center, just 1.5 miles from the Kluge Center. He arrived early last night where they took great care of him and instantly took x-rays to determine that he has aspiration pneumonia in his right lung. So.....

Kyle will remain in PICU for an undetermined amount of time while they treat him aggressively with antibiotics and watch the lungs very closely. He is breathing much easier today and even was able to eat half a popsicle which made him very happy! He's getting great care and are working very closely with him to make sure this doesn't turn into a bacterial pneumonia again.

This certainly pushes back his rehab schedule, but he's in good spirits knowing this is only temporary. He fully understands what's going on and is okay with it, and his stomach aches seem to have diminished today which makes him feel much better.

Thanks for all the phone calls and notes and hopefully now that things have calmed down a bit, we'll keep everyone updated more often. We are unsure of how long he will be be in PICU, probably at least until the weekend, but we'll be sure to let you all know!

More soon!

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